Greetings, wayfarer, welcome to our world. FLSY Studio is a collective of Melbourne’s finest freelance creatives. We are our own bosses. We have no rivals. We make music in everything we do. But enough about us, how are you? Are you just passing by, or do you want to create something amazing? Either way, we’d love you to say g’day. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?

Visual Identity & Branding

Our branding experts are full-time artists. We understand that your brand is profoundly personal. We work intimately with you to find a way to reflect your values in a unique way, and to create a thoughtful identity that translates across every channel of your business.



Our UX Designers, Illustrators and Motion Designers deliver dazzling print collateral and digital content that goes beyond conventional themes. We pair compelling design with innovative online and out-of-home placements to give your campaign the best possible results.



We build functional, fluid and friendly websites. Our developers are first and foremost designers; we concentrate on the beauty of the experience, but never at the expense of intuitive use. We partner with the best technology providers on the planet to ensure your digital solution is tailored to suit your every need, in the most secure and satisfying way possible.


There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.


Specialising in lifestyle, portrait, music and food with a special focus on film and vintage hardware, resident photographer, Natalie Jurrjens delivers distinctive photography that can breathe life into your website or campaign. Go beyond the ordinary and find charm in film.



We surpass common themes to add flair to your brand using motion. We offer innovative 3D design to bring your brand and digital content into focus. Resident motion designer, Henry Byrne brings passion in 3D and a keen eye in art direction to the collective.


Social Media & Content Marketing

Long-lasting brands know how to connect with their audiences through social media and content marketing. We provide consulting, strategy and auditing services in these areas. Learn how to engage and thrive online with Social Media Strategist, Annisah Ibrahim.


Music Composition for Film & Media

Music in media is one of the most persuasive ways to get your point across and to personify your brand. Specialising in bespoke sound design, music production and playlist curation for events, television and radio commercials, digital media and film, our resident composer, Griffin James will bring your next project to life.


You are the music while the music lasts.

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